Thank you Morteratsch!

Blue skies, freshly whitened peaks, plenty visitors and as many smiles... The launch of For Your Ice was fantastic!

First of all, it was a delight to see that so many people from all generations are intrigued by glaciers. Hundreds of visitors, by bike and by foot, took on this beautiful summer day to get up close with the tip of the Morteratsch Glacier tongue.

Second, many of those we talked to showed a high level of glacier awareness, often by referring to previous visits and the extreme glacier retreat that has occurred since.

And third, all the positive feedback on our project was extremely encouraging and we are super thankful for everybody that stopped by, shared their thoughts with us and purchased our first posters and postcards. The black design with Rhaetian title turned out to be the clear winner of the day!

Many thanks also go to the Rhaetian Railway and to the Pontresina Tourist Information, who even donated some of their own glacier related posters, in order for us to raise more funds.

Now, we'll let the pictures do the talking and if you haven't done so yet, subscribe to our newsletter, because new prints are coming soon!




  • What a great start to your beautiful project! Good to read that so many people are interested in glaciers and also in your activities. I’m really looking forward to the sequel! Good luck!

  • This is absolutely wonderful!


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